The Best Calendar Apps For Android In 2020

Award winning calendar app for Android. Besides the user-friendly display and intuitive handling, the mobile 3-month-calendar scores with different date overviews and an individual date organisation, easy synchronisation and practical functions such as integrated holiday calendar or zoom function in the annual overview.
The main features of this Android calendar app include: different views (month, day, week), possibility of changing fonts, the diary feature, cloud sync and backup, different widgets available, possibility of adjusting the first day of the week, syncing with other calendar apps, weather forecast, event calendars (adding related events to your calendar like news, sports events and so on), lunar calendar and much more.

Its month view also shows the name of individual events rather than just a colored dot, which is nice—but tapping a day to expand doesn’t work as well as in Jorte or Business Calendar It’s a solid competitor if you’re looking for something different.
You must include an EVENT_TIMEZONE To get a list of the system’s installed time zone IDs, use getAvailableIDs() Note that this rule does not apply if you’re calendar app inserting an event through the INSERT Intent, described in Using an intent to insert an event —in that scenario, a default time zone is supplied.

The very appropriately named Calendars is another iOS-only app — sorry, Android users — but is absolutely worth a mention for its elegant user interface and the way it manages to cram several days of information into a layout that isn’t at all confusing.
Seriously, if youвЂre into customizing the look of your calendar, colors, backgrounds, themese or the size of your widgets, then take a look at Jorte.В Integrating existing Google calendars into Jorte wasnвЂt automatic as it was for the previous two apps, but neither was it much of a struggle.

It allows users to easily create multiple calendars for different areas of their life such as work, friends, family, and groups or organizations they belong to. With the ability to sync with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, it helps you to accomplish your list without being distracted by other to-do items.

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