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Justine has been in the Fitness Industry for many years now, and in that time has helped to transform thousands of women bodies, both mentally and physically. Justine is in her 40’s and she is a busy mum who knows what it takes to get the job done, she ‘gets it’ and will fully support you in your endeavours to better your health.
This is why I studied nutrition and became qualified to be able to educate others – and that is how PowerFit by Grace was born! Now as an online fitness coach, I am able to expand my coaching services by reaching women from all over Australia. In this session you will meet your online trainer before making a ongoing commitment. Your trainer will review your medical screening form, complete a fitness fitness programs assessment, help you set realistic goals and complete a mini workout to give you a taste of what is to come. Being online specialist your personal trainer is experienced in creating a workout using little or no equipment. However if you have your own weights, yoga mat etc your trainer can incorporate it into the session. Learn proper form and technique and avoid injury or aggravating old injuries.

Leon is particularly passionate about working with those who suffer from mental health concerns and gives his time freely to work in the community on suicide prevention, as part of The Alliance for suicide Prevention. Each program is designed to ensure that it meets all the nutritional needs of your body. Using our ‘Mega Template’ we will take care of all your programming in one simple, easy to use and effective online tracking system. All of your training programs, diet and data will be recorded into your individualized template using excel sheets, tracking your daily nutrition and workout data. Our online Coaching is ideal for anyone who is ready to step things up with their training and nutrition, but can’t access our in-person coaching services. Online fitness programs are becoming more popular as technology and remote working expands. Having an online program can be an excellent addition to your face-to-face business, or it can be your sole business if marketed effectively.
Gyms were among the first few public places to be closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus infection. “I am loving my ZOOM semi private personal training sessions with Mandy (and the extra one I did with Irene!). Get comfy and listen to Leon talk about everything health and fitness. Now you can train with 28DTC coaching staff online no matter which city, state or country you live in.
She speaks openly and honestly about her mindset and has a really strong connection with her audience. Jenna is a Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach from the Australian Institute of Fitness, athlete, model, YouTuber, author and founder of the Jenna Louise Brand. Through her brand and social media presence, Jenna aims to help people find ways to challenge themselves daily to help boost their physical & mental health, confidence, well-being, self-worth, knowledge and values. After 10 successful years in the industry, Nick has amassed a huge 841,000 followers on Instagram with his following constantly on the rise thanks to his creative workout videos and educational content. Our gym services the Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Carlton, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Brunswick, Brunswick East, Brunswick West, Thornbury, Northcote, Collingwood and Preston areas. My surgeon and physiotherapist both commented that my rehabilitation has been so easy due to the ‘prehab’ program I received from Irene and Brigitte leading up to my surgery. Irene’s broad knowledge and experience are shared freely as she guides through each exercise.

Send us videos of your training and we can critique and modify, as well as provide 24/7 messaging support and feedback just as if you were having a PT session. Reveals how to train and achieve your goals in any outdoor, wilderness, adventure sport or activity.
The notice period is one month to ensure that we have sufficient time to affect the termination and cancel your subscription prior to any further payments being debited. Our online services are ideal for anyone who is competent in the gym, ready to step things up and may need some additional guidance and accountability.
will guide and support you through the entire program, and help you when working through blocks and setbacks. This software enables you to send messages, ask questions and check in with me whenever you choose. Your responses are monitored, your adherence to the program is tracked and your progress and results are celebrated. You will learn the fundamental skills you need to get and stay healthy, fit and active for life. People either feel like they are ‘on’ them or ‘off’ them, and then a failure if they are not eating perfectly at every meal. is for both men and women who want to get healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger.

Personal training began in the homes of celebrities, but today Personal Trainers are becoming celebrities themselves. These 9 fitness gurus are great examples of how you can share your knowledge and passion for fitness with a wider audience, and become a major influencer in the industry.
Body by Leon creates champions and has done so continuously each year. With a team that’s known for being extremely lean with quality muscle. 12 week online personal training program specifically designed for your training goals, fitness level & exercise experience. With the services of an online fitness coach, you can work out with a professional anywhere, even if you live in a remote area. It’s also much easier to fit exercise into your schedule with an online personal trainer. You don’t have to accommodate their schedule — just log on and work out with your exercise videos when it’s most convenient for you. Finally, at only $19.90 a month, online coaching is an affordable option that fits nearly any budget.

Online initial consultation & follow up after week 1 to ensure we get the online personal training program right for you. That’s right, anywhere with an internet connection you’re connected to your online personal training program & your personal trainer. Your training program, exercise videos, workout tracking & communication with your personal trainer all in one easy to use app accessible on your mobile device or computer anywhere, anytime. Our online personal trainer has developed an effective program that delivers results you can see in as little as 8 weeks.
Everything is created from scratch and considers your age, weight, height, activity level, metabolic dysfunctions, medical or health obstacles, and goals. Contact your coach anytime for feedback, advice and guidance throughout your fitness journey. Whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, athletic power or strength and conditioning your program will be tailored to you with a clear pathway to achieve your goals.
• Extensive Assessments And Analysis – Looking through all of the major functions and hormones in your body. We thoroughly assess any dysfunctions in your health, including thyroid, sex hormones, stress, gut health, colon, blood sugar and much more. Freedom of location and time – your trainer may be located in a different city, state or country. Plus a great and flexible way to train for the international traveller. An expert coach will contact you shortly to discuss the program and answer any questions you may have.

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