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Private Disability Insurance Attorneys

John will have contributed to his pension for 20 years, or 240 months. If the contributing spouse is deceased, the surviving ex-spouse can collect benefits at age 60 as long as he or she has not remarried. If the divorced spouse remarries, he or she is no longer eligible for a percentage of the benefits from the previous ex-spouse. If the remarriage terminates, the divorced spouse once again becomes eligible for benefits from the previous Disability Attorney Tucson ex-spouse. If a divorced spouse was married for 10 years or more, he can collect either 50% of the value of the ex-spouse’s benefit, or 100% of his or her own benefit, whichever is greater. There is no reduction in benefits for the primary contributor even though the ex-spouse receives the value of a percentage of his or her benefits. Once the Petition is served, you must maintain all life insurance policies in effect at the time.
If you need help with your disability claim, visit our Arizona disability lawyer page to find a local attorney who can assist you. We discuss these differences in this article along with contact information for the various disability-related offices in Arizona. Most Social Security disability attorneys, however, will not ask you to pay costs in advance. Instead, they will ask you to reimburse them for their costs at the end of the case.

High level of commitment to service excellence, plus high degrees of integrity, ethics, and judgment. Copyright © 2018 Legal Services Link, LLC. All rights reserved. Legal services for people who have a wide range of physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. If you’re ready to talk to an Arizona employment attorney, give us a call at , or submit your inquiry online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Once you reach the hearing level, your case will be assigned a specific local attorney to prepare you and your case for hearing. Bill Gordon and Associates has been helping clients since 1992.

You can fill out the application online, call or you can visit your local Social Security office. The Tucson Social Security Disability attorneys at the Phillips Law Group have extensive knowledge of eligibility requirements. In a free consultation, you can discuss your unique situation with an experienced Tucson Social Security Disability lawyer and find out if we may able to help. We work on a contingency fee basis so you will not be charged any upfront fees. We often hear clients tell us that they feel uneasy about applying for workers’ compensation orSSD; they feel as if the injury is somehow their fault.
In the wake of a debilitating condition or injury, you may be concerned about providing for yourself and your family. There are, however, resources in place that can help if you are unable to work for an extended period of time. Disabled individuals are entitled to federal disability benefits to assist with living costs. The attorneys at the Disability Attorneys of Arizona regularly represent residents of Phoenix, Tucson and the state of Arizona in applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Our attorneys and our staff will handle the legal details of yourworkers’ compor SSD claim and work collaboratively to ease the burden on your shoulders.
Remember, there are certain deadlines that apply to Social Security applications and appeals. So, please call us today at to schedule an initial free evaluation, or you can also submit a review form online. Your application for benefits also has a better chance of approval with our help. If you were diagnosed with ovarian or fallopian-tube cancer after the use of talcum powder, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Give us a call or fill out our quick online contact form to schedule your free consultation with our attorney. He has an excellent grasp of legal knowledge and applies it with confidence.

Client granted 100% service connection based on individual unemployability, entitlement to special monthly compensation , and entitlement to an earlier effective date. Clients say I am a highly skilled, knowledgeable attorney, which I appreciate. Even more rewarding is how much they appreciate my genuine compassion for their special circumstances and the challenges they face. That I am thorough and thoughtful, leaving no questions unanswered, is praise I often receive from clients, as well. We will always put you in the best position for a good outcome in your case. We will work diligently to file all the proper and necessary paperwork in a timely and prompt fashion.
He stuck by me and represented me through two Workers’ Compensation claims and schedule awards. We win our cases and obtain benefits for our clients across the country because we know that experience, hard work and direct, ongoing contact with you leads to successful results. We also know that we need to win, because you cannot afford to lose.

You deal directly with Steve from the initial free consultation to the successful outcome of your case. Along the way, you will have questions and he will be the one to provide you with the answers.
If you’re required to complete a Social Security Disability Review, they’ll usually send you a short-form or a long-form review application. The process for the long-form usually takes four to six months, though it may a bit shorter or longer depending on the circumstances. The short-form review often takes one to three months, give or take.
We’ll review your LTD policy and the insurance company’s reasoning for your denial or termination and do everything we can to resecure your benefits. Before you apply, you will need to gather medical evidence and work history documents. Our mission is to fight for the rights of those who deserve help, and to make sure you receive the disability benefits you deserve. Hard times call for hard-hitting representation, and we’re unwilling to back down until your fight is won. While your case is at the Initial and Recon levels our experienced staff of paralegals, legal assistants and attorneys will shepherd it through Social Security’s adjudication process.

Distributions of cash to the special needs trust’s beneficiary are almost never permitted . The existence of a special needs trust does not itself make public benefits available; the beneficiary must qualify for the benefits program already, or qualify after the trust is established.
An attorney can provide you with a sense of comfort in knowing you have a skilled legal advocate looking after your best interests. During SSDI hearing proceedings, we can prepare your case so that the administrative law judge understands your disability has left you unable to work. We can submit all the relevant medical evidence and documentation. Our lawyers can also help prepare you for questions the ALJ may ask at the hearing. ACDL is a non-profit law firm that assists Arizonans with disabilities to promote and protect their legal rights to independence, justice, and equality.

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