Lip Filler Melbourne

Results from the dermal filler treatment will be seen immediately and continue to improve in the days after the treatment, resulting in a soft, natural outcome. Lip injections are a walk-in walk-out procedure, you should allow two hours for a detail consultation, numbing gel and the procedure. You should plan ahead and have your lip fillers done a week or so in advance of any special events to ensure your lips look beautiful and any swelling has well and truly gone down. Most importantly good, accurate injection technique into the correct plane of the lip will enhance longevity. The filler should be precisely placed to enhance the overall shape of the lip and cupids bow with multiple finely placed injections.
We have several clinics located across Australia, including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and more. To find your nearest clinic, please use the booking form below or call to chat to a member of our team. In most cases, the lip enhancement treatment is a quick and comfortable procedure. cellulite reduction Mild to moderate swelling is normal within the first 48 hours and can be managed if needed with ice packs. Bruising is also a possibility and may be covered with make-up. Lips that we see in the media are not always possible to achieve in real life due to differences in anatomy.

Your lip enhancement treatment is only performed by highly trained and specialized Cosmetic Doctors who are AHPRA registered. Lip enhancements are always performed by a qualified lip filler specialist doctor at all of our M1 Med Beauty clinics. First and foremost, they make sure that the lips are harmoniously shaped by taking into account certain characteristics of a natural lip. Even a small amount of hyaluronic acid can achieve effective improvements and lead to beautiful results. The injected hyaluronic acid can also help to create the desired lip shape. An additional benefit of a lip augmentation is the reduction of upper lip wrinkles.
Using only the latest techniques and quality cosmetic injectables, our experienced team can help you achieve fuller, softer, and smoother lips. Depending on the dermal filler, the amount used and your metabolism most treatments last 8 – 10 months. Clients often report that with repeat treatments, the layering of dermal fillers and collagen activation their treatments last longer each time. The amount of lip dermal filler used and the techniques used to treat determine how natural you lips will look.

Male lips tend to be smaller and straighter in appearance with less definition, while female lips are fuller and more curvaceous with greater definition. It is important not to overdo a male lip as this can be feminising. Age is another consideration; full perky lips will look out of place on a mature woman . More often than not, mature women require rejuvenation of the area around the lips as well for a more natural result. Even so, it is best to time your treatment well with your social calendar. You may need to use a lip balm to help prevent dry lips initially, and no make up is to be used for 12 hours.
We have seen customers across Melbourne, Glen Waverly, Mount Waverly, Burwood and beyond. The size, shape and volume of the lips can be enhanced by injecting dermal fillers in and around the lips. With age, lip volume naturally decreases which makes the skin surrounding the lips and the lips more prone to wrinkling. For anyone worried about reaching pain threshold, please do not feel concerned as our cosmetic doctors are highly qualified with their technique of dermal lip filler enhancement. There is a very high standard of treatment in the field of lip injections, which enables a safe procedure with relatively few side effects.

The tiny amount of fat is harvested by liposuction , then refined to form a smooth substance before injection into the lips with a needle similar to the one used for dermal fillers. In response to a number of tragic and well publicised adverse cosmetic outcomes the Australian Medical Board Guidelines were changed on the 1st of October 2016. The law now requires all patients undergoing cosmetic procedures such as lip enhancement and anti-wrinkle injections to be consulted personally by a qualified Doctor. At Kiora, to maximise safety and minimise the reaction time to unexpected events, all such procedures have always been performed personally by an experienced and qualified Cosmetic Doctor. We are proud we have always acted in the best interests of our patients and prioritised safety; preempting the Medical Board by over 10yrs.
Book a complimentary consultation with one of our highly skilled Skin Therapists to get started. You may experience some swelling and bruising for 1-5 days, however, this is completely normal after a cosmetic injectable treatment. During this time, an ice pack should be applied to the area to reduce any swelling/bruising.
The only time they should not be worn is during eating or drinking anything other than water. We perform consultations to assess your teeth and work with achieving your desired smile goal. In this visit we will take a 3D scan of your smile, photos and answer any other questions you may have. Your tailored treatment plan will then be created and discussed with you in this visit.

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