Flagpole Delivery Preparation & Flagpole Installation

Enjoy the after party in the second part where we show how to install a flagpole plaque for a wonderful patriotic gift. In Sam’s case , she had an old steel flagpole concreted into the ground. This steel flagpole flew a 4×6 ft US flag, but Sam wanted to fly something larger.
Congratulations, you now have your flagpole foundation! As you stand back to admire your work you may be thinking, let’s get flagpole installation near me that pole in! Unfortunately, you need to give the foundation time to set up. This can take anywhere from 5 to 7 days.

The easiest technique is to fold a loop in the rope and then thread it through the loop in the end of the snap hook. Next bring the loop over the snap end of the snap hook and then pull tight. That way, you can be sure that the know won’t ever keep you from raising your flag. We’re almost to the best part, and certainly the most emotional part of the project – raising the flag for the first time. But before we can do that, we need to tied up some loose ends, so to speak.
We’ll do that after we stand the pole and make sure exactly how much may need to be trimmed. Attach the cleat to the bottom section of the pole. The manufacturer should have pre-drilled holes for you. Loosely wrap and tie the halyard ends around the cleat.
Install the 2 1/4” stop bolt in the ground sleeve with the nut on the other side of the bolt. Tighten nut so that the bolt is not damping down too tight on the ground sleeve. Before you begin to stand your flagpole, first be sure that there are no overhead power lines that could come in contact with the flag pole as you are standing it up. If the flag pole contacts a power line while you and your helpers are holding it, you could be electrocuted.
Remember, the concrete is wet at this point and plumbing the ground sleeve is easy to tilt. The ground sleeve should extend above ground level 1″ to 2″. Now that you can see where the sleeve will be installed, sink it a little into the gravel, making sure it is above ground level, and in the center of the hole.

We will replace any parts that need to be, and give your flagpole a new life that will last for many years. Have you found your American flag? Display it proudly on one of our flagpoles. Attach flag snaps to halyard by forming a loop in the rope, running the loop through the swivel-eye and over the snap, then pulling rope taut.
Plumb foundation tube and brace so that it will not move during the pouring of the concrete. The pole must be fully assembled before installing any fittings. Inspect for any finish flaws, variations or damage before assembly. Once assembled, multi-piece shafts generally do not come apart. Remove the red cap to check the sleeve for plumb with a level in several locations.
Slide the truck on top of the pole. Push down on the truck making sure it is flat to the top of the pole. Drop some Loctite on the set screws, and then slowly tighten each one, securing the truck to the pole. We also can clean an aluminum flagpole that has oxidized.

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