Repentance Denied?

And he did so without a thought, without a care, without a blush – because he cared nothing for the birthright. He regarded it as less than the worth of a single meal. Repentance means more than sorrow or regret for a mistake, but also requires that it be corrected.
And that is if God loves you, He’s not going to let you get away with sin without disciplining you, because He doesn’t want to see you destroyed by sin. And sin will destroy you, despite how it advertises itself. Sin markets great, but the product is horrible. And then we see in verses 42 through 46 the consequences. The consequences of this whole business will remain for many, many years.

I know, because Ruth and I were both involved in counseling those who came forward. With all his good intentions and his sweet language, the preacher had totally confused those people, because he gave them the impression that they could come to God without repenting. He never used the word repent once in his message. You cannot truly believe unless you have first repented. The first word of command that ever came from the lips of Jesus was not believebut repent.
Any time I try to read the Bible I find stories like that of Esau and I feel condemned. I can find messages of condemnation anywhere I open the Bible. Apparently I suffer from could Esau not repent scrupulosity a religious branch of OCD. I fear that I am hopelessly Hell-bound and that I am jut lucky enough that God gives me each day on Earth before my final fate.

Let them not cease to pray, under all circumstances, that God will pardon them, and give them back what they have lost. And thus, by God’s grace, it shall be restored to them, and Esau’s great and bitter cry never shall be theirs. This is a good place to reference the difference between worldy vs godly sorrow. I think a case can be made from Deuromomy 2 and Joshua 24 that perhaps, just maybe, the blessing Esau was unable to receive was like Moses not being able to enter the Promise Land. He did receive a consolation blessing but the original blessing was long gone. In the end, they both got what they really wanted.
Observe, he showed no repentance for what he had done, no self-reproach; he had no fear that God would punish him. He only regretted his loss, without humbling himself; and he determined to retrace his steps as quickly and quietly as he could. He went to hunt for venison, and dress it as savoury meat for his father, as his father bade him. And having got all ready, he came with it and stood before his father.
There is a prescription for forgiveness, restoration and healing in the bible. Particularly in Hebrews where he speaks on chastisement and how afterwards it yields righteousness…etc. If you follow those verses you’ll notice that it says to” make straight paths for your feet” and that which is out of joint or lamed…it should be healed.

Esau knew afterward that he had acted foolishly in selling his birthright, but he had no opportunity for getting it back, for Jacob would not give it up. Repentance means a change of mind, and Esau sought to change his (father”s) mind. Esau had discovered a great readiness to part with his birthright and all that was annexed to it by divine institution, not considering, it seems, what it was significant of as to matters spiritual and heavenly. Hence he put so little value upon it, as to give it up for one morsel of meat.
There is a striking sermon of Melvill’s on the text as thus interpreted. In any case the lesson remains; sensual, worldly preferences may be so indulged as to become our masters; and we may wish to die the death of the righteous, and reap their rewards, and yet be rejected. That path cannot be safe where such a possibility is incurred.
Repent can be kind of neutral as I repented of my decision to paint the room black (yuck!). We are most familiar with it as describing the act of turning from our sins. Repent implies a clear and decisive decision to NOT GO BACK from whence we came. So my answer to Danny’s question “What’s the sin that does not lead to death? ” is any sin — any sin that we are still, by grace, able to authentically, humbly confess and repent from. Since Esau despised his birthright, Isaac disqualified him from receiving it.

John email me at Stevenjb78 at aim dot com, I can help you with other scripters that may help you, I will also pray hard for you that God grants you the ability to repent. God commands all men everywhere to repent… which obviously means that all men are ABLE to repent. As long as you have breath you can repent . This verse has NOTHING to do with salvation, hell or anything related to eternal life. Sandra, I realize it has been a few years since you posted this and I hope you somehow see this.
I have been in a state of utter despair for the past 1.5 years. Like you both described, I had deceived myself into thinking that I was saved when I really was not. I said the sinner’s prayer as a teenager, and subsequently began to read my Bible, knew by heart numerous scriptures, attended church regularly, and participated in several outreach ministries.

Your perhaps many tears and a lot of crying out and getting very emotional with God only matters if it helps you repent or “change”. Without change none of it really matters. You see this passage gives us a classic expression of the difference between repentance and remorse. The repentant person sees two things, his sin and God’s mercy, and he turns from that sin acknowledging it to his merciful God.

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