Here’s Why You Should Listen To Soothing Music During Pregnancy

Nowadays many parents use music, specifically classical music, directly on the belly for the fetus, because they think, or maybe hope, that it makes their children smarter and more musically inclined. This study aims at analyzing the effect of music on pain and anxiety felt by women in labor during their first pregnancy. If you’re a pregnant mother-to-be or the partner or friend of one, make a playlist of pop, rock, country, and R&B songs to celebrate the miracle of birth, babies, and the awesome job of parenthood. Music may reduce the stress, anxiety, and depression that many pregnant women experience. The study, conducted by researchers at the College of Nursing at Kaohsiung Medical University, was published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing. During the study, mothers were asked to listen to a song of their choice for half an hour every day during the last three months of their pregnancy.
Fans should be expecting a summer baby and a summer album from the “Hot N Cold” singer. The romantic ballad features Perry adorned in flowers and in later scenes she dons a flowing white gown. The star directs the love song to her longtime beau and fiancé Orlando Bloom. The singer Pregnancy Music and actor were first romantically linked in 2016,Entertainment Tonight reports, and are set to get married later this year. In the closing moments of the clip, Perry surprises fans by cradling her baby bump and singing, “See us in sixty years with a full family tree .”

I can relate to all these lyrics, showing how the baby brings the best out of their parents. I was not expecting a heavy metal band to appear in your list, but then Foo Fighters are there and that Madonna song was a hit in mid-80s. The exhausted father in this country song from 2008 has been kept up by his crying newborn throughout the night, but he reassures his wife that it won’t be like this for long. As their daughter grows into a preschooler and later as a teenager, she brings similar challenges, and at each point, he offers that familiar, bittersweet refrain. She’s now taller than me and old enough to have kids of her own, but she’ll always be my baby.
The stretchy elastic band sits comfortably around your belly and has speakers located in between the layers of fabric. Expose your baby to many different musical selections of various styles. If you play an instrument, practice when your baby is nearby, but keep the volume moderate.

However, it is also attractive to investigate if foetal neurodevelopment can be positively influenced or enhanced in an analogous manner. There is evidence that appropriate vibroacoustic stimulation by exposure to music alters foetal behaviour and is carried forward to the newborn period . Music is a noninvasive, culturally acceptable intervention with multiple putative direct and indirect beneficial effects on mother and foetus through the pregnancy and perinatal period.
Participants kept diaries about when they listened to music. Popular times included while they were resting or doing chores. Many parents choose to play classical music to baby in utero because they think it will make baby smarter.
Our trained staff can help alleviate and even prevent common pains and problems associated with pregnancy. In doing this we give you and your baby a better chance of a smooth and safe birth. Not only does the sound system play music to your unborn baby, it can also play pre-recorded stories and lullabies from friends and family.

Selective outcome reporting was deemed to be unclear in all five studies . Five studies were deemed eligible for inclusion , presented in Table 1. Of the included studies, four were RCTs and one reported a quasi-experimental design with the use of a non-equivalent control group. Four of the five studies were conducted in Asia , the fifth in the United States . In total, there were 1261 participants, 602 in the intervention groups and 659 in the control groups. Study sample sizes varied, ranging from 80 participants to 296 .
If your baby was born premature, you’ll be glad to note that playing and listening to all kinds of music can encourage early brain development. Experiencing music while in-utero (and after birth!) can help the brain make neuron connections, as well as assist with the growth of brain structures. If you’re more than 18 weeks along in your pregnancy, chances are your baby can hear you. By week 23, babies can even respond to noise, according to William Fifer, PhD, professor of medical psychology at Columbia University. It’s great if you want to celebrate your baby’s development by playing a few tunes — but there are a few things to know before you queue up Spotify. Perfect gift for mom to be and a novel gift for pregnant women.
The best way for mom to be can interact with her baby through Pixie Tunes baby bump head phones. These pregnancy music headphones make baby listen to music in the womb. These Headphones for Pregnant Belly are compatible with All cell phones & mp3 players and play stereo quality music & talk to your baby in the womb. Pixie Tunes ear buds for belly includes precision stereo splitter so you and your baby to listen to same sounds.

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