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The 10 Best Car Detailers In Canberra, Act

Our 4WD goes everywhere and usually smells like fish ! I do my best to keep it in a reasonable condition but once a year it gets a trip to Macs for a bit of day spa treatment to keep the paint and interior in good condition. No more dust, mud or sand to be seen -and it smells great – Until the next trip !
Try the experience for yourself the great benefits of regular washing. Car wash and detailing services on AutoGuru can cater for all makes and models, no matter whether car detailer Canberra it’s a Chrysler, Isuzu or Mercedes Benz. Conveniently browse all your local services, compare reviews and easily get in contact with them online or over the phone.

Car detailing, also known as auto-detailing, is one of the best ways to keep your car in tip-top condition. Much more than just a basic car wash and vacuum, car detailers use specialist tools, products and techniques to recondition and restore your car so it looks – and feels – brand new. Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can achieve yourself with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. Exclusive 5 day Jim’s Group training is provided in Melbourne National Head Office. You will meet Jim Penman as well as other Franchisees & Franchisors in the group. This is a fantastic opportunity to see for the first time the power of the Jim’s Group.
Diamond Detail is the number one destination for car wash services in Canberra and much more. Our automotive enthusiasts boast 25 years of experience as well as an extensive list of satisfied clients. Some of these include car detailing, car window tinting, and car ceramic coating in Canberra. We offer a number of cost-effective packages for you to choose from. Contact us today for our affordable car detail services in Canberra. All detailing packages include thorough car wash services, vacuum, polish, tyre shine and window treatment, plus a range of extra features that are available to meet your needs and budget.
We are your local Car Detailing experts serving Phillip, Canberra and surrounding region. Whether you are looking for a hand car wash or full car detailing, the experienced staff at Brite Detailing & Coatings makes sure that you get the best value for your money. We use the best car care products and follow industry standards to get your vehicle’s shine back. We are GTECHNIQ ACCREDITED DETAILERS IN CANBERRA. We offer a range of car detailing and ceramic coating packages that cater to your requirements as well as budget.

If the workshop is a Preferred Partner, these extras will be listed on the right hand side, underneath their pricing. Should you fail to show up at the time and place arranged with the Workshop without canceling in advance, you will forfeit the entire prepaid amount. Thanks Mac- you did a complete overhaul on a very rare car of mine and brought it to life beautifully. Mac is a perfectionist and has an eye for detail and take it from me you can trust him with your investment. Courtesy car available to Drivers over 30 years of age. Our staff have undertaken rigorous training and know all the tricks to bring the shine out on your vehicle.
Car detailing costs are usually set with an initial quote but pricing may change depending on the car inspection. Mac Polishing is the home of Canberra’s finest vehicle detailing, delivering exceptional quality every time. Give them a call today and find out why you should choose MACH1 Detailing Specialists for all your car wash and detailing needs.
You will receive all the information and skills you need to become a true business owner. You are provided with the basic building blocks of OH&S, business planning and customer service. You will also receive extensive on-the-job training to ensure you can do the most advanced jobs.

Our professional detailers have the right product to suit your vehicle and your budget. Express Car Cleaning will come to you from as low as $39.95! For a prompt, professional service guaranteed call us or use our online enquiry form today. Our call centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you are finally ready to change your vehicle for a different model, a well maintained car holds its price well, demanding a larger cash incentive back to you.
A cut & polish is absolutely the best thing you can do to get your paint to its peak condition. As paint ages through exposure to sun, dirt, pollution and wear-and-tear, it can begin to appear dull or hazy and can acquire light scratches. Regular paint cleansing and waxing helps slow this process, but at some stage a cut and polish is required to restore your car’s surface and shine.

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