Full Face Snorkel Mask Vs Traditional

Furthermore, the 180-degree view and full face mask allows you to see everything and fully enjoy your experience. Also, you can record and capture this experience using the pro camera attached to your camera mount. ANTI-FOG&ANTI-LEAK-The silicone layer inside the mask directly isolates the air from the nose and mouth,and the heat air is not easy to condense on the mirror surface. The viewing area makes it comfortable to breathe and where during snorkeling.
Cheap masks will feel uncomfortable and leak if the silicone is a low grade and doesn’t have the flexibility needed to give a good seal around the face. I know you came here to find out more about how safe the full face mask is, so click the link below to skip straight to the answer to that question. The towel that comes with the mask is not only super absorbent but also snorkel mask for kids has ultra-fast drying features. Another one of the latest designs of 2020, this particular mask is a full face, improved version. It comes with a new dual-chamber system which enables exhaling through the top vents of the snorkel. Thanks to all of these desirable features, beginners and newcomers in the world of snorkeling will find it very convenient and comfortable.

I am really sorry for the people who has issue with the mask, but that’s true be sure you buy the good one not a cheap fake. SEAC designers and engineers developed specific tests using Ansti machines to measure the performance while dynamic breathing, the level of CO2 in the inhaled air. Hi I am looking to buy a mask for me and my husband, however we would only use them for snorkelling as I really cant use the traditional snorkel and mask. Some will have a double snorkel, but all of them do also have side vents that will let out a bit of the air front/side of the face. Alternatively, you can go for the option of contact lenses or prescription masks.
In terms of a buckle, it’s advisable to find one that has a push release button so that you can get in and out of your mask quickly and easily. Be sure to choose the right size for your face when purchasing to make sure the skirt creates a true watertight seal. Fog Resistant – The one-way breathing system helps to reduce fogging in the eye area. Auto Drain – Automatically expels salty water without the need to do anything. You can’t talk to your buddies on the surface unless you take off the whole thing. One of the best things about snorkelling over scuba is the ability to chat – point things out, and shout out to each other at the surface.

The skirt should be comfortable around your lips and nose, and shouldn’t come too close to your eyes. When you receive your mask, try it on and adjust it to your face to make sure there’s a watertight seal. This mask was officially safety tested, making it a good option if you have concerns related to mask use. If you wear glasses, you should look for a mask that has the option to add a prescription lens. This allows you to enjoy all that the underwater world has to offer without sacrificing clear vision. Masks like Seaview V2 and Vista Vue offer the best breathing experience.
My 9-year-old had such a hard time with the traditional snorkel, she gave up and didn’t snorkel with us. I get to test and review big name brand full face masks as well as the lesser known ‘knock off’s’. The best endorsement I can give is that I’m happy for my kids to use any of the masks that I recommend. The top well-known brands and models perform the best and give the greatest pleasure. You’re so much better off paying a bit more and spending your money on brand-name model. This will give you a quality mask that does what you are entitled to expect it to do when you go snorkeling.
The best full face snorkeling mask for you really depends on factors such as your budget and how often you go snorkeling. Innovative Patent Pending Flowtech™ Technology- V2 is designed with dual side chambers to optimize flow. With two large channels rather than the standard smaller three channel design, Flowtech creates a breathing experience that is on average 50% easier than other full face masks on the market.

“Everyone is really quick to indict these full face masks,” said Ralph Goto, who is on a snorkeling safety steering committee and co-chairs a multi-agency drowning prevention committee. Dual lens snorkeling masks have two lenses with a frame/border between them . This is a great lens for those who want to use prescription lenses.
No matter the mask you choose, it’s important to care for it properly if you’d like it to last for a long time. The straps are made from nylon, creating a comfortable experience instead of cheap straps pulling at your hair. The Tribord Easybreath comes in many different sizes, ensuring that the individual using the mask will get the perfect, leak-free fit. Be sure to check out the sizing chart to find the size that’s best for you. It’s made out of durable but lightweight materials and features a detachable snorkel, making it practical for travel. Choosing a mask that’s right for you is the most important part of purchasing this piece of equipment!

The mask comes with a reusable carry bag with mesh bottom for drainage to allow drying after use. Aria is compatible with all accessories in the FFSM Ocean Reef line. Exclusives like Snorkie Talkie, Optical Lens’ Kits and matching Duo fins all add to maximize comfort for an unforgettable experience. The right fitting seal will keep the water out, decrease chances of fogging, and improve your overall experience. Use a cloth tape measure and check the distance from the bridge of your nose to your chin.

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